We are now featuring the cast of The Marijuana Show, featuring their products and services to our fans and community. We are excited to introduce to you the cast of Season #3! Check out the short sizzle reel to meet them now!

Heather Lawrence: Co-Founder of Restored Balance: A collection of Age Defiant, beauty and health products that share "Immortality in a Bottle"

Mark Restelli: CEO and Founder Hwy Bar: Mark created a CBD infused "Cliff bar for the Cannabis Industry" and you will love the all natural ingredients.

Matt Wilson and Nicole Wicker: Founder and CEO with Altopa, "The first home dispensary unit that customizes your natural medicines

Jessica Ferranti, Senior Sales VP of STM Technologies: 420 Joints in 2 minutes and a Rosin press that is totally green tech! For dispensaries everywhere.

Todd Kleperis: CEO of Hard Car Security, providing the "Brinks for the Cannabis Industry" a one-stop shop for all your dispensaries distribution needs, plus a security division.

Chris Del'Illio: CEO and Co-Founder of Webjoint, "Your one stop shop for seed to sale and compliance technology for the Cannabis Industry" 

Erai Beckmann: Co-Founder of Humanity: CBD infused 'Smart Pills" for the Cannabis Industry, combined with natural ingredients to power you through the day, and help you relax, naturally. 


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