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Heather Lawrence is featured on Season #3 of The MJ Show, and she is a passionate entrepreneur, a busy Mom of 8 children and runs her company with her Husband. Her products are infused with Hemp oil (CBD) and all natural. Heather is offering the MJ Show fans great deals on packages of her beauty and pain relief products, all listed in this Collection. Enjoy your "Immortality in a bottle" by Heather Lawrence. 

Heather thrives to make the best products available. Even our make-up artist on The MJ Show who is VERY picky, tried Heather's products, loved them, saw a drastic difference in the quality of her skin and decided to use them exclusively. 

Heather Shares her vision: "

Passion + Perseverance = Proven Results
Since that day, I’ve never lost focus of the vision
I have to bless the world with wellness. And we have. With our very first samples, we had clients driving 40-50 miles to pick up our products, because they couldn’t wait a few days for us to mail it to them.  Those clients are now loyal members of the Restored Balance family.

With stories like that we couldn’t stop there. We kept going— adding more and more to our line of products. Having people tell me, “Hey do you know what this stuff is doing to my skin? It’s amazing!” --is both gratifying and humbling, although comments like this became a selfish pleasure.

When I hear, "I look beautiful again,” or “Come feel my skin!” It still chokes me up every time I share that part. I love to help people feel the joy my products produce.

My customers continue to drive innovation with each new product, and continues to bring me joy and immense satisfaction.  

Our products are meant to remind you of your natural beauty. They have that designer look, feel and smell… but without the designer price tag.

And the best part is they actually work! 

Check out the amazing specials for you and your loved ones who need to feel and look their best, right now! 

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